Sport and Physiotherapy

When it comes to sport, you have to have real profesionals on board. We partner with one of the best international proffesionals who understands sport.

Dr. Pavel Malovič

Dr. Jiří Neumann

Wellness and Spa

Molecular Hydrogen Spa, along with hydrogen cosmetics, food supplements and hydrogen medicine, are nowadays an area that is beginning to grow very fast, and thanks to our organizations and experts, we all have the opportunity to participate in the emergence of this very interesting phenomenon and exciting new direction.

Hospitals & Clinics

Medical Facilities

Molecular Hydrogen has its practical application in medical facilities, both in surgical, non-surgical and various aftercare areas. In Japan, Molecular Hydrogen has been approved as a medicinal gas for several years.

Animal health facilities

Apart from human medicine, there are animal health facilities where Molecular Hydrogen has been discovered beneficial. The use of Molecular Hydrogen in practice has shown very positive results in domestic and farm animals.