About Us

THE MOLECULAR HYDROGEN COMPANY LTD. is based in Ireland and was founded by David Marsalek.

The aim of the company is to deepen knowledge in this area and to bring to the general consumer, as well as professionals, top products from all over the world and raise awareness of the health benefits of Molecular Hydrogen and its positive effects.

We have a range of timeless and innovative products based on Molecular Hydrogen, which we are developing, manufacturing, introducing and distributing globally. We have been able to bring together a team of real experts from different countries with many years of knowledge and experience in the new field of Molecular Hydrogen Therapy that are a group of international professional organizations. Our timeless products are designed to work effectively. With us, you have a guarantee of quality, security, as well as the support of world experts.
Our work is supervised by the European Institute for Molecular Hydrogen Therapy – www.EIMHT.com

David Maršálek

CEO & Founder

David’s focus on detail and the gaining best results, as well as a constant pursuit of an innovative approach connected with a tremendous desire to help and listen to people is a wonderful combination for success.

David is a team player who likes to be surrounded not only by people who have potential and interesting abilities but also by people who have the desire to build and prove more for the good and the welfare of all! Thanks to this unbroken resolve and superior support from key team members, the Molecular Hydrogen Company Ltd and H2 World Health & Beauty s.r.o. are leading to exceptional success.

Květoslav Chytil

Czech Republic

Kamala Taris
Operations Director

Czech Republic

Libor Chyška
Sales Director

Czech Republic

Aleš Valenta
Marketing & PR director

Czech Republic

JUDr. Radim Kubica, MBA
Director of Legal Services

Czech republic

Selma van Asselt
Director of Wellness & Spa


David Ahn
Consultant for Asia